Smoked Salmon Gift Box
Smoked Salmon Gift Box
The Alaska Gift Box

Smoked Salmon Gift Box

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Simply delicious classic Alaska smoked salmon  and salmon caviar packed with flavor. Perfect for creating your own Charcuterie board. Utilizing the Alaska ulu knife that is great for chopping and slicing. For that foodie in your life who loves creating and sharing their passion for food with others. 


6.5 Oz Jar Smoked Sockeye Salmon. This is an Alaskan favorite! Packed with flavors, a little bit crispy on the outside and moist in the inside. Great with crackers, olives, and cheese! Alaskan knows the best smoked salmon is the jar salmon.

Alaska Seafood 1.75 Jar Red Smoked Salmon Caviar. This Caviar contains one 1.75 Oz Wild Caught Smoked Alaskan Sockeye Roe. 

Alaska Ulu Knife. This traditional Alaskan ULU knife is the best knife around in modern day kitchen.  Simply use if for chopping vegetable, herbs, and pizza. Dimensions: 6.5". 

Alaskan Grabbers. Great for serving up Salads and Pasta, even shredding your favorite meats.

4.0 Oz Original Crisps & Thin Crackers. Uniquely paper thin, these crackers are the perfect complement to the smoked salmon or smoked salmon caviar.

Wild Alaskan Kelp Pickles. Harvested in the summer time and it is the largest seaweeds known. It is high in potassium and iodine. Also, contains sugar, starch, iron, silicon and trace element. This is a truly Alaska taste adventure.

11x8x4 Box

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