Alaskan Ulu
The Alaska Ulu

Alaskan Ulu

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The traditional Ulu knife is an Inuit (Eskimo) skinning knife. Make this an all-purpose knife in your kitchen. It is great for cutting pizza, vegetables, and chopping herbs. You will love having this around in your kitchen for its appearance uniqueness and a story to tell. It makes an excellent gift to someone who loves preparing food! Comes in two styles.

1. Inupiate: These larger handle ULUs with the open blade are very popular with the avid ULU user. The golden Alaska Birch and the Rich American Walnut laser etched handles with A variety of MOOSE to look great in any kitchen! Each knife comes with a convenient storage stand and a history/instruction booklet.

2. 6" Alaskana: The practical 6'' walnut handle ULU also doubles as a great memento of Alaska. In the Alaskana series, themes from Alaska are permanently etched in the blade. The same gift packing - walnut stands and history/instruction booklet are included with each ULU.


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