Alaska Soap Gift Box - for Men
Alaska Soap Gift Box - for Men
The Alaska Gift Box

Alaska Soap Gift Box - for Men

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Great self-care gift with natural healing ingredients.


2 Oz Devil's Club Salve. Devil's Club Salve is the natural healing salve you have been looking for. Our salve is natural.  It is made with all natural ingredients without petroleum products or chemical preservatives. This medicinal plant is also called Devil's Walking Stick for it has spiny stems. Also, known to native Alaskan as cukilanarpak, which means plant with needles.

Alaskan Lip Care. This is a moisturizing lip balm which blends sweet almond oil, shea butter, bees wax, cocoa butter and vitamin e into a wonderful, smooth, lip care product. Alaskan Lip Care is scented with pure essential oils and edible flavorings. Choose from our assortment of 8 exciting flavors:  Cucumber Melon, Wild Strawberry, Cool Glacier Mint, Tasty Tangerine, Lemon Gem, Pink Grapefruit, Invitingly Vanilla or Plain As Day.  Alaskan Lip Care is our top selling product and people just keep coming back for more.

Alaskan Fisherman's Bar. A dash of star anise essential oil and a sprinkle of glacial silt from the Chilkat River gives The Fisherman's Bar it's own unique look, smell and feel. If you want to feel fresh and clean and have everyone know it, the Alaskan's Fisherman Bar is definitely the way to go. Star anise has a similar smell to black liquorish, it leaves you smelling and feeling rejuvenated. 

Bay Rum Body Bar. 

Color bottle with Cork Top. 

Size: 8"x 8" x 4"

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